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DURABLE, energetic, and light, the Transfer is engineered from the snow up to be an aggressive park and pipe ski. A unique, triple-radius sidecut with symmetrical dimensions and full camber, combined with premium materials, adds up to high performance carving, airs, and landings.
168 Dimensions(mm): 117-86-117
Radius(m): 16/13
Weight(g): 1500
175 Dimensions(mm): 118-87-118
Radius(m): 17/14
Weight(g): 1650
182 Dimensions(mm): 119-88-119
Radius(m): 18/15
Weight(g): 1750
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Bamboo laminated with poplar for light weight, durability, and liveliness.

The new HRC 44 edge has a slightly lower hardness rating with a wider profile and larger anchors to dissipate heat and increase impact resistance.
Fiber Reinforced Polymer - We use mats of this dense material under the binding area to increase screw retention and add rigidity.
Fast and durable sintered base from the industry leaders.
Our custom weave fiberglass creates tremendous torsional stability while allowing easy longitudinal flex to initiate turns and absorb terrain. While more expensive than other bi and tri- directional weaves, it enables us to fine tune the flex characteristics of each ski.
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Classic Camber creates tip and tail pressure for maximum edge grip and energy return.