Joe Schuster - Canada -
Joe Schuster is one of the skiing's most versatile athletes. At home in the park and pipe, comfortable on top of large mountains and able to uncork progressive tricks on natural terrain, this former competition skier has moved onto the big stage in recent years with appearances in some of skiing's most progressive and compelling films. As part of the legendary and now defunct Voleurz crew, Schuster was featured in the seminal releases "Outdoor Graduation" and "Look on the Bright Side". Currently he's working with Poor Boyz Productions.

Ben Leoni - USA -
Part of the acclaimed Meatheads film collaborative, Leoni packed his bags and moved from Utah to the wild and rough East Coast, where he skis out of Portland, Maine. Leoni's shared segment in Meathead's latest film "No Matter What" won the "best powder award" at the 2013 Powder Video Awards. Currently Leoni is producing and skiing in an eastern backcountry web series called "Working for the Weekend." Featuring the East's more remote areas, tight couloirs, natural birch glades and cliff hucks you'll be able to watch it this fall on

Jérôme Chanal - France -
Based out of Les Sybelles, Jérôme Chanal spends his time traveling and shooting for media outlets as diverse as Zapics to Skipass. Current projects for 2013-14 include trips across the Alps, Japan and more as he continues to live the dream.

Anton Sponar - USA -
Aspen, Colorado native Anton Sponor divides his time between the Rocky Mountains and the Andes. A guide in Colorado during the northern hemisphere winter, Sponor heads to Chile for the Austral winter where he's part owner of the incomparable Chilean cat skiing operation, Ski Arpa. In addition to his work as a guide, Sponar has chalked up an impressive list of high-altitude descents, including skiing the south face of 22,837ft high Aconcagua. Future projects include a series of major first descents on 20,000ft peaks in South America.

Ben Wannamaker - Canada -
Critic. Park Rat. Skier. Ben Wannamaker is all of these things and more. A veteran of Western Canada's park and pipe scene, Wannamaker has overseen the park at Whistler/Blackcomb and has worked at Camp of Champions. He's also a keen observer of the sport, having seen his words, ideas and thoughts published in SBC Skier Magazine and other media outlets. Finally Wannamaker is a skier. With proven park skills, he's also at home in big mountains. In fact, you'll most likely find him on top of some very steep lines in the Alps this winter as he collaborates with photographer Andreas Eder's freshman video project with Rogue Films.

Tequila Bob - Japan -

Bob is the head of the Liberty Japan team and as the name suggests, he is the king of tequila. He skis by day and parties by night at his bar, the Yohei Club in Hakuba, Japan. He also drives the Liberty Van around. You¹ll find him at different ski resorts around Japan on weekends.

Julian Zenzmaier - Austria -
With results that include at 1st place at the FWQ 3* event in Kanin (2011) and a 6th in the FWQ 3* event in Kitzsteinhorn (2012), 3rd at the FWQ 2* event in Kappl (2013), and 11th at the FWQ 3* event at Stubai (2013), Zenzmaier is one of Europe's hottest up and coming big-mountain freeriders. For 2013-14 he'll be focusing on the 4* FWQ tour, with the goal of qualifying for the 2015 Freeride World Tour. Other projects for 2013-14 include filming and freeriding in the Alps.

Sacha Gros - USA -
Former USA national ski team athlete and 1998 Olympian, Gros has retired from ski racing to become a pure freeskier. Based out of Vail, Colorado. Gros is the owner of Colorado Ski Service, a specialty tuning shop where he continues a family tradition of making skis go fast.

Junpei JP Endo - Japan -
JP is Japan's former moguls national champion and a World Cup competitor, frequently ranked within top 5. He also participated in Big Air and Quarter Pipe contests and came in top numerous times. Now JP has moved on and is focused on the backcountry and powder skiing. Based in Hokkaido, Japan, he is featured in many films and continues to be the Snow King of Japan.

Sebastian Fischer - Austria -
Upcoming freerider Sebastian Fischer is quickly making a name for himself with top competition results including an 8th place at the NZ Chillout Big Mountain event in August 2013. A featured athlete in "Another Day in Paradise" by M-Line Productions in 2012, he will be focusing on big-mountain skiing and filming for this season.

Jacqueline Knutson - USA -
Currently based out of Alta, Utah, Jacqueline has been competing on the FWQ tour for the last three years. Her results include a top-ten finish at the 4* FWQ Chilean Freeskiing Championships at El Colorado, Chile. For 2013-14, Knutson will be spending the winter looking to crack the podium on the FWQ as well as working on filming and media projects in Canada, Japan and Alaska. In addition to skiing in front of a camera and  filming and photography work, Knutson will also be focusing on backcountry exploration and the skiing of new terrain.

Tomomi Kanazawa - Japan -
Tomomi, a.k.a. Ton-chan, has won Japan's Powder Ride Championship two years in a row and is now officially the Powder Queen of Japan. Native of Hakuba, Japan, she started skiing at the age of 3 and has competed in downhill competitions throughout her life. Now she focuses on backcountry skiing and often appears in films and magazines.

Julian Ball - UK -
Julian Ball is a sports enthusiast who turned freeskier after he left university. After landing support from Liberty Skis in his first season where he competed at the Brits (British Championships) and managed to grab a spot on the podium in slopestyle. At that point he and Liberty's UK leadership saw potential and Jules pursued it further, and since then he has never looked back. Jules' quote that "a bad day on the hill is better than a good day in the office!" is something to which we can all relate. Julian has recently competed in some of Europe's biggest events. This year we were all stoked to see him win slopestyle at The British Champs and the Monoski World Champs at the ripe old age of 28. Now it's a case of keeping up with the youngsters and trying to remain competitive. This year Julian says that he is looking to push his boundaries in the backcountry and looking forward to filming some creative edits with Cabnine Films and Unity Productions.

Ryuya Yoshida - Japan -
Have you jumped off of the 83 feet cliff and dived into the ocean at Japan's most famous suicide spot? Have you put together 3,000 rubber bands by hand to create a bungee rope, tied it to yourself and jumped off of the 107 feet bridge into the river? Our lunatic team member Ryuya did all of these things and more, and is still alive, which is a gift. Oh and he skis too!